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SSP Apreciation Session : "Safe until The end"

SSP Appreciation session ...” Safe until The end….”

The SSP Appreciation session has been held on 31 January 2018 at Santos Office, Jakarta.

This session is the end phase of a series package of SSP Project since Santos commenced the project, encourage all employees and contractors for the projective and target, execute & manage all works safely until they announce to all parties (including Contractor) for the project result and complete for execution.

This SSP appreciation session is a Santos Management initiative to invite the key SSP personnel team and Contractor’s Management who contribute huge effort and deliver work meets the project target. This complex & marathon SSP Project consist of many integrated projects inside, which need focus, energy and commitment for meeting all management expectations.

During the event, The Management appreciation was conveyed and describing the achievement of the project as follows:

1. After working with 150.000 manhours for SSP Project, We still can maintain the Non lost time incident working hours rolling at Sampang area for another 11 years.

2. The schedule can be followed and production target is met.

3. Cost can be maintained for below than target

In this event, Apexindo and PT. Berau Veritas Indonesia (BVI) management was asked for their feedback and comments.

The comments and feedback from employee was represented by one of them and explaining how challenge the project and how we felt become a family at the end of project.

As closing of the session, the Spot Recognition Awards (SRA) were announced and the SRA letter & certificates are handed over to them.

There are 23 employees announced and had SRA from Santos Management, and 4 of them were working under Tri Link. These employees have been contributed for SSP Project.

Congratulations for these 4 employees and Thank you for your active contribution and great effort.

We need to maintain our standard and this great result in our next journey. Once again Congratulation for Santos and Thank You for your continued Support & Partnership, We look forward to the years to come.”

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