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Tri Link Team Building 2017 Forging a Super Team on its 10th Year Anniversary

Tri Link Indonesia held an annual Team outing in February, for a celebration of company’s 10th year anniversary. The outing was participated by all employees of Head Office Jakarta and representatives of Balikpapan and Karimun Branch Office. Driven by main theme ‘There is no Superman. What we have is our Superteam’, the three day agenda are accentuated to strengthen the commitment and internal teamwork of Tri Link Indonesia organization in order to provide the service of quality to all company’s stakeholders.

The year of 2017 marks a special milestone for Tri Link Indonesia, 10th year anniversary of its establishement as a Manpower Services Company. Several of obstacles were faced by the company during the last decade among others, from the volatile security status of several countries in Middle East, significant drop of oil price resulting in the declining business activities in Oil and Gas industry. However, the Company keeps its commitment to maintain the quality of services and performs its continuous improvements.

The Management is convinced that the company will continue its development and growth on the basis of following motto :

There is no Superman. What we have is our Superteam

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