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Tri Link Indonesia: Prospecting 2018 with a “new energy”

The year of 2017 has passed and provides big challenges to Tri Link Indonesia. On the 10th year anniversary of the company, Tri Link has become one of the established manpower services company in Indonesia (Related news). Tri Link has been actively involved in several Oil & Gas activities including Saipem Indonesia Jangkrik Offshore Commisioning project (Related news). As per December 2017, 443 personnel are contracted directly to Tri Link and working under several projects spreaded all accross Indonesia.

Now the year of 2018 commences, Tri Link still keeping the same determination to become a reliable company in the Manpower Services Industry. A good indication shown by the completion of upgrading ISO quality management system 9001 from the version 2008 to version 2015. Tri Link has been internationally certified by ISO 9001 since 2013 (Related news). It is part of the company’s objective to ensure the satisfaction of all stakeholders by maintaining its good quality of human resources to ensure providing the good quality of services to the client.

The beginning of 2018 sparks a new positive vibrance in the Oil & Energy industry. The price of crude oil raises up to 70USD/barrel. Power Generation Industry in Indonesia is currently stimulated due to government programs to increase the electrical power to 35.000 Megawatt. Mining industry got direct positive impact by the bounceback of the commodity prices. But the most exciting news is the emergence of the “new energy” so called renewable energy like solar power, tidal power, wind power etc which is projected to replace the conventional source of energy in the future.

Tri Link Indonesia, with its 10 years of experiences in the Manpower Services Industry, endure strong